The Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research (ACECR) is an Iranian public non-governmental institution, established in 1980, with the mission of presenting native models for production of knowledge and technology. This mission is achieved by means of directing innovative research and development projects in different fields of science and technology and pursuing the utilization of the results. In this respect development and compilation of technologies; commercialization of research results; knowledge propagation by means of publications, professional trainings and academic educations are undertaken by ACECR. The ACECR-Yazd Branch has started its activities from 1992. It started the ceramic researches since 1998 which led to initiation of the Ceramic Technical Services Center (CTC) for production of various ceramic parts and refractory materials.




Ceramic Technical Services Center (CTC) of ACECR-Yazd Branch produces refractory products with diverse properties according its ability in the ceramic and refractory materials and various industries’ requirement. The purpose of this center is to suggest comprehensive solutions for refractory linings and costumers’ needs. Refractory products according to their ingredients are divided to two categories; amorphous (refractory mass) and shaped pieces. In terms of their application, refractory materials can be categorized into the following groups:


1.Light pre-cast pieces
2.Heavy pre-cast pieces
3.Special refractory parts
4.Monolithic refractory

Services & Products

The products of Ceramic Technical Services Center (CTC) can be produced according to orders with different shape, composition and formulation. Each of these products are produced in accordance with modern technologies and international standards. These refractory materials are used in various industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, cement and glass. The quality of products is studied by precise analyses.



Research & Development



CTC’s research & development team works continuously to provide contract manufacturing/ toll processing developmental support solutions to meet the increasingly complex challenges faced by ceramic and refractory materials working within the various industries. It was understood by CTC that customers require the highest priority with regards to research and development.








The Factory


Ceramic Technical Center (CTC), Isargaran Street, Kaj Boulevard, Yazd Industrial Zone, Yazd, Iran


P.O.Box : 89471-83384
Email :


The Central Office


Academic Center for Education, Culture and research- Yazd Branch, Shahid Ghafi Alley, Kashani Street, Yazd, Iran


P.O.Box : 89167-97453
Tel : 98-35-36241085
Fax : 98-35-36292962


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